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2013 Fall Trends: Fashion

I always get excited when fall comes around! A change of weather means a change of clothing, so bring on the layers, jeans, and ankle boots!  Fall gives a freedom that none of the other seasons offer.  You can combine your favorite staples with upcoming trends for a up-to-date version of your most loved outfit.  I put together the trends that will be the most popular this season!  If you need any help on where to find these on-trend pieces, check out my Shop page!

Colors to look out for: Navy Blue/ Metallics/ Grey/ Cream/ Black/ Hunter Green/ Leopard print

LEATHER: Leather is back and better than ever!  This has to be one of my favorite trends to date because there are so many different looks you can create.  I’ve noticed a contrasting look with girly, lacy pieces as well as a tomboy version paired with a graphic tee. Leather’s incorporated with other materials for a really urban look (i.e. the sleeves of a military jacket; perfect way of combining two trends).  If you want something more eclectic, wear a beaded blouse with your leather pants or skirt. Don’t think leather clothing items are for you? Try edgy leather boots to create the same effect.  Look for a pair of thigh-highs or studded ones if you’re feeling daring. Leather bracelets, purses, gloves, or even leather hats (they do exist!) are options too. They are all over the runways this season! Leather looks fabulous with military and/or denim. (Look below)

Eclectic beaded blouse | leather leggings | thigh high boots | Rika leather jacket | modern baseball cap | skater skirt

Military and Denim: The army jacket. This is a must have in your closet for this fall. It adds major edge, but the right amount to create any kind of look. The choices are endless in the design- zippers, buttons, cropped, oversize, silver studs, gold additions… Make it your own! There are many other ways to rock this military style. Military green denim, combat boots, camo (you can rock it!) and studs or spikes create that tough girl look. Denim is also a major love  of mine! You name it, I’ve got it. Vests, pants, shirts, dresses, shorts… Denim is out there and its a major fashion- do. Denim can be girly, tomboy-esque, grown up, dressy, casual- it’s the perfect base for any outfit for any occasion!

Nordstrom | Victoria Beckham runway | military sweater | camouflage jacket | printed jeans | Barbra Palvin for Vogue Russia

Structure: This look encompasses everything within menswear and color blocking. These looks are inspired from the masculine side. Women have taken men’s fashion and transformed it into a look that demands respect and attention. Button downs, blazers, oxford shoes, trousers, and trench coats have all invaded the women’s fashion. Piecing these items with girly additions, like lace or pastel colors, can create a look that is structured but feminine. Opposites attract… and look good when paired together. For fall, color blocking is going to be more on the neutral side. Subtle and muted colors have replaced the bright, but gives the same if not bolder effect. Structure comes in many shapes, colors and styles- be sure to have some in your closet!

Caroline Herrera | feminine menswear | Saint Laurent | Dolce & Gabbana | Aquilano Rimondi | color-block


What is your favorite upcoming trend? Your least favorite? Tell me in the comments below!



3 thoughts on “2013 Fall Trends: Fashion

  1. I really love this trend as well. However, there are so many that I am obsessing over, that I am having a hard time picking and choosing a favorite. Hehe 😉


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